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Who is Toby?

Toby, an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd, is Foothills Animal Shelter’s official Mascot and the inspiration behind Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair.

April 15, 2015 was the day Toby was found running around the streets of Westminster. A kind man stopped on his way to work to help the wandering dog. At first glance, he didn’t notice what was around the dog’s muzzle until he got closer. To his horror, it was taped shut. He and his wife quickly took off the tape and called Westminster Animal Control, one of Foothills Animal Shelter’s great partners, was called to the scene. They then took him to Foothills Animal Shelter for safe-keeping.

It was obvious he was very malnourished and dehydrated. As with many pets, some end up in the Shelter’s foster care program because they are medically-fragile and are not yet ready for adoption. He was definitely one of those cases. It was estimated by the Shelter’s veterinarian that he would have a few weeks of recovery ahead of him before he could go into a new home.

Whatever he endured in the past, his loving nature and wonderful demeanor was what quickly became known by volunteers and staff alike. His foster family brought him to the Shelter each day where he was able to hang out in the admin office, for extra love and attention. Toby greeted each and every person who came back to that area with a wagging tail. Considering the dog’s condition, everyone was surprised by his gentle, friendly demeanor. Toby’s good-natured, loving spirit never waned even though he was a victim of abuse. After several months in foster care, Toby was adopted by a staff member and then made the official Mascot of Foothills Animal Shelter!

This remarkable dog and his heartwarming success story are an inspiring example of the life-saving work done every day at Foothills Animal Shelter. To honor Toby, the Shelter created Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair as a fun-filled community event to raise funds to support and care for homeless pets like him.

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