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Costume Ideas for the Big Day

Hello friends! It’s Toby here! So, this is it everyone, we are officially less than one-month away from Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair! Less than one month, people!!! I can’t be the only dog frantic over this! Okay, okay so…

August 24, 2017

Hello friends! It’s Toby here!

So, this is it everyone, we are officially less than one-month away from Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair! Less than one month, people!!! I can’t be the only dog frantic over this!

Okay, okay so with that said, we need to really get down to business and start getting ready for the big day coming up on September 16. How are we all doing on costume preparations? Great? Good? Not so good? Well if you’re still struggling to come up with the perfect costume to take home the gold, don’t worry, because super Toby is here and I’m going to help you figure it all out.

Now, I just want to start by saying that the costumes that everyone came up with for last year’s Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair were FURR-IFIC (see what I did there?)! I mean, I was so astonished by the sheer creativity and effort that was put into those ensembles. Just magnificent! And what a standard to top this year!

So, now that I’ve sufficiently put the pressure on everyone, I am going to give you all some paw-some costume tips, tricks and ideas! Here we go!

Tip #1: Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Who says that you must put a ton of time and thought into your pup’s costume? It can take just a couple of items to really transform a look. For example, my costume includes just a top hat and sash and BOOM…. I’m Toby, the Grand Marshal of the Parade! And one my favorite looks was on my good friend Bella, who threw on a pink tutu and a bow and was chosen as last year’s Doggie Diva! just one SIMPLE idea can create an extraordinary costume!

Tip #2: DIY!

And speaking of keeping things simple, a great costume can also be made just with some household items! You certainly don’t need to go out and buy a costume from the store. Just look around your home for inspiration! Last year, some purple balloons and green streamers made the best looking grape-dog that I have ever seen. Someone wise once said that, “all you need for a winning look is a bit of creativity,” and I couldn’t agree more! Of course, I actually am that wise someone so it would be a little odd if I didn’t… anyway, making a costume could be the perfect way to go! And plus, you’ll have the added fun of putting it together with your pooch!

Tip #3: Make it a Family Affair

It may be a dog costume parade, but that doesn’t mean that you and the fam can’t get in on the fun! Planning to dress your dog up as Scooby Doo? Why not add Shaggy, Velma and the rest of the gang by going as them with the help of friends and family!? Help your pup standout by stepping out with them…in costume. It will also help your furry best friend feel confident as they strut down Washington Avenue in their best look! Really, what do you have to lose?

Tip #4: Involve your Pup!

You wouldn’t let someone put you in something you didn’t like, would you? Well, why would you do it to your favorite pal!? Our personalities are all unique and we would love to have a say in how we present ourselves at Toby’s Pet Parade & Fair! I myself had such a great time planning my costume with the amazing team at Foothills Animal Shelter. They really did capture my regal aura along with my quirky personality! And something that they also did a great job of was making sure that I would be safe and comfortable in my look. It’s important that the costume be something that we can walk and breathe in. A good rule of thumb is to try the costume out a few times before the big day and watch out for our body language. Are we wagging our tails in excitement as we prance around in our getup, or are we circling ourselves, trying in vain to outrun our own costume? These are important questions for you to answer so you ensure that come September 16 we are jumping for joy in our costumes!

Tip #5: Have FUN with it!

My biggest piece of advice to everyone is to just have FUN! It’s a parade and fair everyone, it’s supposed to be a blast for the whole family! Don’t overthink the look and just go with what feels right for you and your dog. And that can mean anything, from putting together an elaborate costume complete with bells and whistles to throwing on a fancy collar and calling it good. No matter what, we want everyone to have a great time while feeling their best!

So, there you have it folks, some tips and tricks of the trade from yours truly! I hope I have inspired you out there to really get going and come up with the best costume for your furry friend (and even you)! We’re just a few weeks away so don’t waste any more time. Huddle up with your pup today and get going! I can’t wait to see you all there!