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Meet Layla Mae

We are thrilled to introduce Layla Mae as the 2018 Grand Marshal of Toby’s Pet Parade and Fair!

Layla Mae was adopted from Foothills Animal Shelter earlier this year.

“She was found in a park with another dog, and neither one was doing well. She’d clearly just had puppies and they were just tied up there, in the cold,” said Brooke, Layla’s doting owner.

Layla Mae didn’t have much hair, and was still very much recovering from giving birth.

Foothills Animal Shelter staff worked to restore the health of Layla and her companion, and soon both were ready to be adopted.

“I came in as soon as the Shelter opened, and she just climbed into my lap and started snorting,” said Brooke.

“That was it! I was sold,” she said. Once Layla was home, Brooke worked with her to help her get house trained, and even to stand-up paddleboard!

Layla Mae is the 2018 Grand Marshal because she embodies the spirit of Toby: abandoned and

found by amazing community members and given a second chance at a life that all animals deserve. Learn more and follow Layla Mae’s snort-worthy adventures on Instagram by searching Lil.Miss.Layla.Mae